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Index of Images

This page lists most of the images used in lecture for the course General Biology II (BIO 101) taught by Professor Tiftickjian. It may also include additional images not used in lecture but related to topics discussed. These images are arranged approximately in the order that they are covered in the course. Click the picture name to view the image. Images used directly within the lecture outlines may not be duplicated in this list. If you are looking for a particular image that is not listed here, go to the lecture outline for the appropriate topic to see if the image is shown there.

This list is updated fairly frequently. Check back occasionally to see if new pictures have been posted. As this list is relatively new, there may by some links that do not yet work. Such problems should be corrected soon.

Survey of organisms

Domains Bacteria and Archaea

Kingdom Protista

Kingdom Fungi


Seedless vascular plants



Structure of vascular plants

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